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Luxor Travel Guide

Historical background This city has existed since the Ancient Egyptian history called Waset in hieroglyphics languages which meant”city of the scepter”, The Greeks called Thebes and also known as the city of the 100 gates, and nowadays called Luxor which meant the palaces “القصر”. It was Egypt’s capital and it was the main place to […]

Egypt Transportations

Egypt is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world as it full of historical and cultural heritage. In it centered on many kinds of transportations and a huge network of roads. This will be our guide to the different ways of getting around easy in Egypt. The Metro Only found in the capital […]

A Taste of Egypt

Egypt has never been cheaper to travel to as it is now; neither has the amazing traditional food.  The ancient history makes the Egyptian cuisine what it is today, with the detailed preparation of the dishes. Therefor, I have put together some of my favourite dishes I tried while I was in Egypt. Don’t hesitate […]

Cairo Travel Guide

Cairo has long been a Centre of the region’s political and cultural life, civilization and its roots since the pharaonic times (Memphis) so far.The Egyptians are known as their generosity and kindness, how they are helpful people, always laugh, with a very high sense of hummer and how they offer perfect hospitality to you. They […]

Dance in the Egyptian way!

Dance is an art form that is done with the body, mind, and soul, Bring out the beauty of the music or song. Also, The culture of dance has continued from ancient times until now. Dance Appeared since the prehistoric time dancers come from pottery of Naqada I and Naqada II culture till now. An […]

Egyptian Antiquities Museum, Is it worth to visit?

History Egyptian Antiquities Museum considered one of the oldest, most famous Museums, Located at Downtown or as the Egyptians say “وسط البلد”.  Built in 1901 . Tourists all over the world come to visit the Egyptian Antiquities Museum, which contains a speculate masterpieces. How to get there By metro: Anwar el Sadat Station Taxi Driver: In […]

Egypt Health Advice

Have you determined your destination for travel? If you chose Egypt as your traveling destination, so here is the most important Egypt Health Advice, that you have to know when traveling to any new destination internationally, or simply when travelling to Egypt. So, what are Egypt health advice before traveling? Visiting a personal physician or […]

Egypt Shopping Guide

Tourist Shopping Advise in Egypt Egypt known for its local markets “El Souks”, along with the bazaars are among the most remarkable attractions of Egypt. We cannot mention markets in Egypt without talking about Khan El Khalili, one of the most authentic markets in the Hussein District in Cairo. This 500-year-old maze, lanes, you’ll find […]

Have the Nile Cruise of your Life: Do and Dont’s

How relaxing would it be to wake up and go to sleep moving smoothly in River Nile, experiencing its water swallowing the rays of sun? A cruise in the river) can offer you this dreamy feeling that you will remember forever. Follow our tips of do and dont’s to have the most of your Nile […]

Alexandria Attractions: A Complete Guide to the City’s Most Famous Attractions and Monuments.

Alexandria is the second-largest city in Egypt and a major economic center. Extending along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Egyptians call it “Bride of the Mediterranean Sea”. Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC so it’s a Greco-Roman center on the land of Egypt. In this article, we’ll be your guide […]

How to Pack Smartly for Egypt, as Told by our Packing Expert II

Travelling is such a frolic! However, packing can be quite a hassle. In the first part of the (How to Pack series), We focused on how to look like a 10000$ without carrying all your wardrobe. In this article, we offer you a list of everything you may need. Bring your marker cause you gonna […]

Cairo Attractions: Your Guide Not To Miss Any Place In The Capital City Of Egypt!

Cairo has a mix of cultures, religions, and civilizations that you can clearly feel and touch in the city’s different areas and monuments. Located near the Nile Delta, Cairo is the most important and most crowded city of the country. However, Cairians always say that If you love Cairo, it will definitely love you back. […]

Aswan Attractions: Your Complete Guide to Get to Know All about the land Of Ancient Egyptian Civilization.

The ancient Egyptians used to call Aswan “Sonu” which means “The Market”. As it was a center for convoys coming from and to Nubia. Its warm sun along with the pure Nile River make it one of the best winter destinations for tourists. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the city […]

Who Runs the World? 8 Egyptian Gals who did.

Egyptian women have been a symbol of strength and beauty since the age of Pharaohs. They have shown greatness and strong determination to overcome hardships and make phenomena real. Egyptian women are goddesses, queens, warriors, loving mothers, strong athletes and beautiful divas. Egyptians have a proverb that means “only a woman can do it.” Therefore, […]

7 Egyptians who Portray the Egyptian Identity in Arts and Culture

Egypt has been the land of culture since the oldest of times. Starting from the Pharaohs, whose art, literature and knowledge are still impressive until now, to the modern days with variety of Egyptian artists and authors who represent the beauty of the Egyptian identity skillfully. Therefore, to understand the Egyptian culture, there are 7 […]

Sharm El Sheikh Attractions: Your Guide To Have The Best Experience And Adventures At The City Of Peace.

Sharm El Sheikh, the Red Sea city also known as the city of peace due to the huge number of international peace conferences that have been held on its is a city of beauty, adventures, pure nature… and the list goes on. In this article, you’ll get to know the city’s best attractions and […]

How to Pack Smartly for Egypt, as Told by our Packing Expert!

Your Guide to Look More and Carry Less (FASHION VERSION) Travelling is such a frolic! However, packing can be quite a hassle. “What if I forget something” ” What if my clothes will make my skin burn” “Am I allowed to wear this or that?” All these scenarios pop in our head travelling anywhere, especially […]

Giza Attractions: Your Complete Guide to A Magnificent Tour In The Historical City.

Giza is one of the oldest cities in the world.for instance, it holds the pyramids which are the main symbol of Egypt. Giza is located on the west bank of the Nile, 4.9 km southwest of Cairo the capital. To clarify, we’ll be your guide to Giza’s most famous attractions to make your visit much […]

What is the best time to visit Egypt?

One of the most important matters that come into our minds when thinking about visiting any country is the time. Which time of the year should I arrange my trip? If I want to do last minute travel is it appropriate now? What about accommodation? Prices? Weather condition? Don’t panic! In this article, you will […]

5 Egypt destinations in sure for enjoying your summer on the water

Egypt has many coastal cities on the Red Sea, and on the Mediterranean coast. it is the treasure trove to spend your holiday And enjoy experience will not forget. Let’s explore Top 5 Egypt travel sites and destinations for the the best holiday.   Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt “Pearl of the Red Sea” Sharm El […]

The Grand Egyptian Museum: Egypt to Wear the Crown of Tourism 2020.

Egypt is witnessing a huge jump in its collection of museums; The Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Khaled al-Anani has announced that the Grand Egyptian Museum is set to open by 2020. GEM (Grand is predicted to be the largest museum in the world dedicated to one civilization with a 50.000 pieces of antiques collection. The […]

Top 7 Historical Cities In Egypt That Worth Heading For More Than Once!

Egypt is a #1 country in the historical tourism attraction. The civilization of Ancient Egypt left many monuments and temples that are able to make your head explode! In this article, we bring you the most historic container cities in Egypt that should be your first destination if you seek historic locations’ travel tour. 1) […]

Hurghada Attractions

Hurghada is most famous resort in Egypt. Offshore is the colorful and bizarre Red Sea world of coral and fish life that first brought Hurghada to worldwide attention. Hurghada considered as one of the most popular and spectacular holiday destinations on the Red Sea coast. So, what you think about exploring Hurghada Attractions!! Giftun Islands […]

Your Complete Local Guide to enjoy your Day in Khan El-Khalili and El Muizz Street.

Khan El Khalili is considered one of the most authentic markets in Cairo. It is a major Souk (market) located in the heart of the Islamic Cairo. Khan El-Khalili and El Muizz are not only huge shops to buy whatever your heart desires, they are also archaeological sites with lots of historical places that you […]

5 Magical Spots of Natural Alternative Healing in Egypt

Natural alternative healing is a kind of Psycho-physical treatment that runs purely and only through nature’s source and elements. Many tourists travel to different areas of the world to have this kind of magnificent treatment. Due to its nature’s richness, Egypt is one of the most attractive destinations for this sort of tourism. Here we […]

Tips and Tricks: to make your Visit to Egypt Much Easier, As Told by an Egyptian.

Traveling to a new country with a different culture can be extremely intimidating. Especially when this country is out of your continent or if its national language is not the same as yours. No need to be nervous about it, follow our tips and tricks, coming out of the mouth of an Egyptian, and your […]

Egypt is the Perfect Destination for Your Honeymoon, Here’s why

Choosing a destination for your honeymoon can be quite tiring. The idea that you have to pick a certain place, that you will always remember as your first vacation together as newlyweds, can be a little bit nerve wracking. But why choose when you can have it all? Egypt enjoys a great variety of scenes […]

Luxor Attractions | Best things to do in Luxor!

Luxor the world’s greatest open-air museum, who wouldn’t like to explore temples, museums, tombs, deserts, and river scenery in Luxor? One of the most attractive spots in Egypt, lie at either side of the Nile, the East and West bank, Luxor the city that’ll make you wonder how times and generations have evolved. So let’s […]

7 Museums You Should Consider Visiting on Your Cairo Trip

Whether you’re a museums lover or not we brought you 7 of the most stunning and famous museums that you don’t want to miss through your Cairo tour. Just be sure that it will definitely take your breath away! 1) Egyptian Museum The most famous Antiquities museum in Egypt located in the heart of Cairo […]

Spectacular Egyptian diving spots and reserves

Egypt enjoys great weather all year round, and that’s not only what distinguishes it, But nature reserves and beaches are Egypt’s precious treasure. Here is a list of some of the most stunning nature reserves and beaches in Egypt: Egyptian nature reserves: Ras Mohamed protectorate Located only 12 kilometers from Sharm el-Sheikh, at the confluence […]

5 Dishes You Should Never Miss in Egypt!

When people travel to Egypt, they usually get amused by its charming monuments and the breath-taking view of the Nile. However, travelling to Egypt offers your taste buds a one of a time adventure. The Egyptian cuisine is extremely spectacular. Indeed! The Egyptian table is a combination between Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern dishes with a bit of […]

The Most Remarkable Sights and Monuments in Egypt

With its rich distinctive history, Egypt enjoys a variety of places to be visited and activities to be done.  This is why some visitors feel confused and torn while choosing what to do and what to miss. Worry no more! follow our list of things you should never miss in Egypt, and we assure you […]

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