Egypt is a #1 country in the historical tourism attraction. The civilization of Ancient Egypt left many monuments and temples that are able to make your head explode! In this article, we bring you the most historic container cities in Egypt that should be your first destination if you seek historic locations’ travel tour.

1) Cairo

The largest city and capital of Egypt has a big number of monuments that really worth seeing. There’s a mix of cultures, religions, and civilizations you can clearly see in the city’s different areas and landmarks. Here’s a list of places you must pass by in your Cairo tour:

The Complex of Religions: In one place, side by side, gathering the effects of the three religions Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. You will feel the peace in your veins.

Cairo Citadel: The Saladin Citadel of Cairo was built between 1176 and 1183 to protect the city. There are three main mosques at the Citadel: Mosque of Muhammad Ali, Al-Nasir Muhammad ibn Qala’un Mosque, and Mosque of Suleiman Pasha.

Islamic Cairo: One of the world’s oldest Islamic cities that was officially founded in 969 as an imperial capital. It’s full of old mosques and Islamic sights. For example, there are Mosque of al-Azhar, The Mosque of Sultan Hassan, and Mosque of al-Hakim. The last-mentioned one is located in Al-Muizz Street. When you get there, Don’t miss passing by Khan el-Khalili bazaar and marketplace to buy beautiful souvenirs, antiques, and jewelry!

The Egyptian Museum: It contains many important pieces of ancient Egyptian history and houses the world’s largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities. Here you can find a list of the most famous museums in Cairo.

Cairo Tower: The tallest structure in Egypt stands at 187 m high. Therefore, you can take a look and feel the bustle of the city from its highest point.

2) Giza

Giza is one of the world’s historical cities that needs no introduction. You definitely have to start your tour in Giza with The Complex of Egypt. It includes the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure, along with their associated pyramid complexes and the Great Sphinx of Giza. That is to say, the complex is by far the only one still in existence and the oldest of The Ancient Wonders.

Saqqara:  where 16 Egyptian kings built pyramids including the world-famous Step pyramid of Djoser. The area running from Giza south to Dahshur is designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Memphis: This city was the boundary between Upper and Lower Egypt. It has an open-air museum with many monuments varying in size and shape between small pieces and very large pieces.

3) Luxor

The Upper Egypt city has frequently been characterized as the “world’s greatest open-air museum”. It contains one-third of the world’s monuments. The most famous places to visit in Luxor are Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, Luxor Museum, Mummification Museum, Valley of the Kings and Queens, King Tut’s Tomb, and Tombs of the Nobles. You can read more about this captivating city in this article.

4) Aswan

Aswan is a South Egyptian city that lies 870 km far from Cairo the capital. It’s the land of civilization where you can enjoy The River Nile at its purest and most beautiful form there. Aswan is known by its number of temples, beautiful islands, and gardens. There is “Abu Simbel Temple” which mainly consists of two massive rock temples that were carved out of the mountainside in the 13th century BC. There is also Temple of Kom Ombo, Temple of Edfu (Horus), Philae Temple (Isis), and Kalabsha Temples. Coming to The Nile and its islands there’s Elephantine Island, Sehel Island, Philae Island, Kitchener Island, Heissa Island, and Agilkia Island. You don’t want to miss Aswan/ Luxor Nile cruising and feel the magic of the river, nature and fantastic sights.

5) Alexandria

Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC on the Mediterranean Sea. Firstly, let’s start at the west where Fort Qaitbey is located. There you can climb up to the fort’s roof and look out over the Mediterranean Sea. Then enjoy a great boat trip around the fort. Heading to the far East, Montaza Palace is a must-visit destination it’s a palace, museum and royal gardens of 150 acres. In between of the west and east, there’s The Great Library, Kom el-Dikka (“Mound of Rubble”), The Catacombs of Kom el-Shuqqafa, Pompey’s Pillar, Ras el-Tin Palace. We bet your Alexandria tour is going to be UNFORGETTABLE.

6) Fayoum

The city is located 100 km southwest of Cairo. Fayoum’s main attractions are Wadi Elrayan, the largest waterfalls in Egypt, Qasr Qarun, Lahun Pyramids, and Wadi Al-Hitan (Valley of whales) which is a paleontological site and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7) Sinai

Sinai lies between the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Red Sea to the south, and is a land bridge between Asia and Africa. The Monastery of St. Katherine is the oldest continuously inhabited monastery in the World. Mt. Sinai (Jebel Musa) is a holy place for the three religions. The Coloured Canyon’s 4×4 tours in mid-morning is a very worthy adventure. The canyon is a labyrinth of rocks and it’s the second most visited sight in Sinai.