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Aswan is a city in the South of Egypt. It is the queen of the Nile and the mother of beauty. Aswan contains a collection of breathtaking temples that overlooks the Nile: Abu-Simbel Temple and Philae Temple (Isis Temple) and many more temples that make the trip to Aswan one of a kind. Aswan also enjoys a number of beautiful villages with surrounding islands. El Nuba (Nubia), for example, consists of many Islands, surrounded by the exquisiteness of the Nile. The High Dam and Lake of Nasser in Aswan offers whoever views them an unforgettable memory of the power and glory of Egypt and Its Nile River.

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Aswan Attractions: Your Complete Guide to Get to Know All about the land Of Ancient Egyptian Civilization.

The ancient Egyptians used to call Aswan “Sonu” which means “The Market”. As it was a center for convoys coming from and to Nubia. Its warm sun along with the pure Nile River make it one of the best winter destinations for tourists. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the city […]

Top 7 Historical Cities In Egypt That Worth Heading For More Than Once!

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