Egypt is witnessing a huge jump in its collection of museums; The Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Khaled al-Anani has announced that the Grand Egyptian Museum is set to open by 2020. GEM (Grand is predicted to be the largest museum in the world dedicated to one civilization with a 50.000 pieces of antiques collection.

The construction of the museum began in 2006.

The museum’s construction began in 2006. While the opening was supposed to be in 2022, The Egyptian government decided that it will take place in 2020 as a part of the development and investment of the whole surrounding area. The construction slowed down after the revolution in Jan. 2011, but in 2019 the construction began to move ahead again.

Great! Magnum! Superb!

The museum is indeed great! The 500,000 square meter museum will display around 50.000 pieces, and to have another 50.000 stored for research and restoration reasons. “This will be the museum of the 21st century,” said its director general, Tarek Tawfik. The museum will contain over 100,000 artifacts that tells story of Egypt’s past from the era of Pharaohs, Greeks and Romans. The Grand Egyptian Museum is going to become the biggest museum in the world devoted to a single civilization and a single identity: The Egyptian. The museum goes higher on the scale of luxury: the front of the building will be coated with alabaster stones. In addition, the walls of the GEM will have a glass panoramic view to overlook the Pyramids. The Complete historical trip, we believe!

The Golden Tutankhamun is the King of the Museum.

Birth name of Tutankhamun: Tut ankh Amun

Tutankhamun was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. He is one of the most popular pharaohs around the world. Tutankhamun was only nine when he became a Pharaoh, and he ruled Kemet (Pharaonic Egypt) for almost ten years. The Golden King is mainly the star of this museum; since almost all of the 5,000 artefacts from Tutankhamen’s tomb will be showcased. The construction of the museum began in 2006 with funding from the Japanese government. Today, Japanese scientists are working in collaboration with Egyptian teams to restore the artefacts that museum will contain. The museum is going to be the first exhibition of the full tomb collection of King Tutankhamun. We cannot get over the idea and how overwhelming this experience will be. Time-travelling to the era of Pharaohs, No one says no to this!

Visiting the land of magic and history is a great adventure, however it can be just a little bit tiring. Now, most of the Egyptian treasures you dream of seeing are to be collected in one luxurious place. Such a bless, such a beauty!