Luxor the world’s greatest open-air museum, who wouldn’t like to explore temples, museums, tombs, deserts, and river scenery in Luxor?
One of the most attractive spots in Egypt, lie at either side of the Nile, the East and West bank, Luxor the city that’ll make you wonder how times and generations have evolved. So let’s explore it together.

Best Luxor Monuments

Temple of Luxor

Luxor Temple

The temple was built by Amenhotep III (1390-52 BC) but completed by Tutankhamun (1336-27 BC) and Horemheb (1323-1295 BC) and then added to by Rameses II (1279-13 BC). Toward the rear is a granite shrine dedicated to Alexander the Great (332-305 BC). The temple was built to worship God Amunra and his wife Mut and their son khonsu. Located at upper Egypt, sits about a mile north of central Luxor and less than a mile southwest of the Luxor Museum on the East Bank of the Nile River. Several Egyptian tour operators, including Memphis Tours and Love Egypt Tours, offer excursions to and from the attraction.

Temple of Karnak


Of all Luxor’s monuments, the Temple Complex of Karnak must be its most amazing feat,you can’t help but be amazed by the massive columns and painted hieroglyphs. Within its precincts are the Great Temple of Amun, the Temple of Khons, and the Festival Temple of Tuthmosis III, as well as many other buildings. the Temple Complex of Karnak sits in Maabad al-Karnak Street, East Bank, Luxor. You can easily walk to the temple of Karnak from downtown or just take a taxi.

Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings, also known as the Valley of the Gates of the Kings, Within the valley, are 63 tombs, including the famous boy-king Tutankhamun, Ramses IIIwhich is adorned with colorful 2000-year-old reliefs; also there are many other tombs like Tiye, Merneptah, Twosret, and Setnakhte. The tombs are open on a rotation system to maintain the paintings as much as possible from the damage caused by dampness. Visiting the valley will rock you.

Temple of Hatshepsut


Funerary temple, also known as the Djoser-Djeseru, sits at the base of limestone cliffs in Deir el-Bahri, the temple considered a memorial temple that honors Queen Hatshepsut, and one of the incomparable monuments of ancient Egypt, dedicated to Amon-Ra, the sun god. Designed by an architect named Senemut, this mortuary temple seems like resembles the classical Greek architecture of 1,000 years later. Within its precincts, you’ll see sun court, chapel, and sanctuary. Temple reliefs depict the tale of the divine birth of Hatshepsut and trade expeditions to the Land of Punt “a reference to modern Somalia or the Arabian Peninsula”.

Temple of Esna

The Temple, which was buried beneath its own debris for many centuries, is located in the center of the town. Esna Temple located close to the River Nile or you can make a short walk from your boat through the local market. The temple is dedicated to the ram-headed god Khnum. Tuthmosis III laid the foundations of the Temple in the 18th Dynasty. Ptolemaic and Roman Emperors completed the temple so you’ll see their names are recorded all over the temple walls.

Luxor Museum

Luxor Museum holds a beautifully exhibited collection from the local area, found in 1989 hidden beneath the floor of the Luxor Temple, and an annex dedicated to Egypt’s Golden Age, which tells the story of ancient Thebes from the Old Kingdom right up to the Islamic Period. In Luxor temple you’ll see two Royal Mummies of Ahmose I and what is believed to be Ramses I in two rooms on the ground floor. It is one of the most rewarding sights in Luxor and one of the best museums in Egypt.

Entertainment in Luxor

For more credibility, we will show visitors’ opinions about visiting Banana Island, Nile Cruise Trip and riding Magic Horizon Balloons in Luxor.

Nile Cruise


The boat was very comfortable and well-appointed. There was a buffet-style restaurant with good food and wine and very friendly staff. We were reluctant to commit to the excursion packages as we’re getting on in years and didn’t know what our stamina was like. Finally, we did commit (including the more distant Abu Symbol), and we’re glad that we did… absolutely priceless.

Banana Island (Gezira el-Mozh)


Banana Island is on the top of my list of favorite places in Egypt that I went to. There are not people hustling for money. There are very humble farmers in the small village. It is beautiful with the banana tree fields, papyrus, and other fields. There is a beautiful indoor/outdoor cafe where I have the best fresh strawberry juice in the world, along with a bowl full of bananas from the island. The Arabic coffee was superb. Most of the houses are made of straw and mud. It is very quiet there, I loved it and hope to return someday.

Magic Horizon Balloons, Luxor


“Flight was pretty amazing too. The views were so awesome up the balloon and you could see the sunrise in the morning there. Balloon landed on the East bank and there was a car taking us back to the hotel”. “Amazing flight, Very well organized. Timely responses to all inquiries. Flexible service. It is a great idea to continue the exploration of the West Bank after the flight – so just tell Magic Horizon where you want to go after the flight and they will help you”.

Sound and Light Show – Karnak Temples

Overview – Seeing the Karnak Temples at their most atmospheric during a mesmerizing evening Sound and Light Show in Luxor. Walk along the illuminated Avenue of Sphinxes, admire the Great Court and the Sacred Lake, and watch as the ancient wonders are brought to life with spectacular light effects, dramatic music, and narration by the Pharaoh. Opinion –  “It was a wonderful show to watch. The show is designed in such a way that you feel the part of the whole activity going on. It gives you like 3D effect. Although it was a bit hot in August but the temperature gets down to around 30 Celsius, making it possible to have such a lifetime experience”.

Luxor Market ” EL Souk “

El Souk

Luxor Open Air Market or Souk E Luxor. Local markets and Bazaars are among the most remarkable attractions of Egypt. “EL Souk” this the entrance of the Luxor market. At this market, most of the shops sell jewelry, bags and leather goods, souvenirs, spices, scarves, T-shirts and other clothing, and other items aimed at the tourist. There are lots of stalls selling fruit and vegetables, household utensils, tools and other goods providing for the needs of local people.

Written by- Ahlam Saeed