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Luxor Known as the open-air museum of Egypt, Luxor contains 1 of the monuments in the world. The Pharaonic identity highly influenced the city. The city, practically, is located surrounded by temples. For instance, Karnak temple and Luxor temple in the East of the city, and The Valley of the Kings and Queens, and many more, in the West side. Luxor used to be the Capital of Ancient Egypt and used to be called Waset, which means the City of Sceptre. The city is located right along the Nile River. The beauty of the Nile is mixed with the view of the Ancient Egyptians ruins wherever you go.

Luxor Travel Guide

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Luxor Travel Guide

Historical background This city has existed since the Ancient Egyptian history called Waset in hieroglyphics languages which meant”city of the scepter”, The Greeks called Thebes and also known as the city of the 100 gates, and nowadays called Luxor which meant the palaces “القصر”. It was Egypt’s capital and it was the main place to […]

Have the Nile Cruise of your Life: Do and Dont’s

How relaxing would it be to wake up and go to sleep moving smoothly in River Nile, experiencing its water swallowing the rays of sun? A cruise in the river) can offer you this dreamy feeling that you will remember forever. Follow our tips of do and dont’s to have the most of your Nile […]

Who Runs the World? 8 Egyptian Gals who did.

Egyptian women have been a symbol of strength and beauty since the age of Pharaohs. They have shown greatness and strong determination to overcome hardships and make phenomena real. Egyptian women are goddesses, queens, warriors, loving mothers, strong athletes and beautiful divas. Egyptians have a proverb that means “only a woman can do it.” Therefore, […]

Top 7 Historical Cities In Egypt That Worth Heading For More Than Once!

Egypt is a #1 country in the historical tourism attraction. The civilization of Ancient Egypt left many monuments and temples that are able to make your head explode! In this article, we bring you the most historic container cities in Egypt that should be your first destination if you seek historic locations’ travel tour. 1) […]

Egypt is the Perfect Destination for Your Honeymoon, Here’s why

Choosing a destination for your honeymoon can be quite tiring. The idea that you have to pick a certain place, that you will always remember as your first vacation together as newlyweds, can be a little bit nerve wracking. But why choose when you can have it all? Egypt enjoys a great variety of scenes […]

Luxor Attractions | Best things to do in Luxor!

Luxor the world’s greatest open-air museum, who wouldn’t like to explore temples, museums, tombs, deserts, and river scenery in Luxor? One of the most attractive spots in Egypt, lie at either side of the Nile, the East and West bank, Luxor the city that’ll make you wonder how times and generations have evolved. So let’s […]

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