Luxor Travel Guide

Historical background This city has existed since the Ancient Egyptian history called Waset in hieroglyphics languages which meant”city of the scepter”, The Greeks called Thebes and also known as the city of the 100 gates, and nowadays called Luxor which meant the palaces “القصر”. It was Egypt’s capital and it was the main place to […]

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A Taste of Egypt

Egypt has never been cheaper to travel to as it is now; neither has the amazing traditional food.  The ancient history makes the Egyptian cuisine what it is today, with the detailed preparation of the dishes. Therefor, I have put together some of my favourite dishes I tried while I was in Egypt. Don’t hesitate […]

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Cairo Travel Guide

Cairo has long been a Centre of the region’s political and cultural life, civilization and its roots since the pharaonic times (Memphis) so far.The Egyptians are known as their generosity and kindness, how they are helpful people, always laugh, with a very high sense of hummer and how they offer perfect hospitality to you. They […]

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Egypt Health Advice

Have you determined your destination for travel? If you chose Egypt as your traveling destination, so here is the most important Egypt Health Advice, that you have to know when traveling to any new destination internationally, or simply when travelling to Egypt. So, what are Egypt health advice before traveling? Visiting a personal physician or […]

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Egypt Shopping Guide

Tourist Shopping Advise in Egypt Egypt known for its local markets “El Souks”, along with the bazaars are among the most remarkable attractions of Egypt. We cannot mention markets in Egypt without talking about Khan El Khalili, one of the most authentic markets in the Hussein District in Cairo. This 500-year-old maze, lanes, you’ll find […]

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