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Cairo is the city that never sleeps since it is the Capital of Egypt. Cairo can be categorized into two parts: Old Cairo and New Cairo. The Old Cairo is distinguished by its Ottoman urbanism which gives a sense of orientalism and luxury. The New Cairo is the real spirit of the party as it is full of malls, shops, and clubs. Some places in Cairo are influenced by the French Urban style; due to the influence of the French Campaign in Egypt. The Nile River surrounds Cairo which makes it even more breathtaking, and offers it a better weather and more activities.

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Egyptian Antiquities Museum, Is it worth to visit?

History Egyptian Antiquities Museum considered one of the oldest, most famous Museums, Located at Downtown or as the Egyptians say “وسط البلد”.  Built in 1901 . Tourists all over the world come to visit the Egyptian Antiquities Museum, which contains a speculate masterpieces. How to get there By metro: Anwar el Sadat Station Taxi Driver: In […]

Cairo Attractions: Your Guide Not To Miss Any Place In The Capital City Of Egypt!

Cairo has a mix of cultures, religions, and civilizations that you can clearly feel and touch in the city’s different areas and monuments. Located near the Nile Delta, Cairo is the most important and most crowded city of the country. However, Cairians always say that If you love Cairo, it will definitely love you back. […]

The Grand Egyptian Museum: Egypt to Wear the Crown of Tourism 2020.

Egypt is witnessing a huge jump in its collection of museums; The Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Khaled al-Anani has announced that the Grand Egyptian Museum is set to open by 2020. GEM (Grand is predicted to be the largest museum in the world dedicated to one civilization with a 50.000 pieces of antiques collection. The […]

Top 7 Historical Cities In Egypt That Worth Heading For More Than Once!

Egypt is a #1 country in the historical tourism attraction. The civilization of Ancient Egypt left many monuments and temples that are able to make your head explode! In this article, we bring you the most historic container cities in Egypt that should be your first destination if you seek historic locations’ travel tour. 1) […]

Your Complete Local Guide to enjoy your Day in Khan El-Khalili and El Muizz Street.

Khan El Khalili is considered one of the most authentic markets in Cairo. It is a major Souk (market) located in the heart of the Islamic Cairo. Khan El-Khalili and El Muizz are not only huge shops to buy whatever your heart desires, they are also archaeological sites with lots of historical places that you […]

7 Museums You Should Consider Visiting on Your Cairo Trip

Whether you’re a museums lover or not we brought you 7 of the most stunning and famous museums that you don’t want to miss through your Cairo tour. Just be sure that it will definitely take your breath away! 1) Egyptian Museum The most famous Antiquities museum in Egypt located in the heart of Cairo […]

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